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Conference Defies COVID-19 Lockdown by Hosting in Virtual Realm


The COVID-19 crisis may have put a stop to millions of sports events, work conferences and meet-ups across the world, but it has not halted those in the cryptocurrency space.[read more]

Coinfest to take place in Decentraland due to Covid-19


Every major gathering and sports events have been canceled, including the Olympic games, the UEFA champions league, the E3, and of course, the Coinfest Conference. Or maybe not?[read more]

CoinFest 2019 – Six years on and still making waves

CoinFest is making waves around the world as it goes from Arnhem to Gaborone, disrupting along the way[read more]

Happy CoinFest 2019 From NewsBTC

CoinFest Logo NewsBTC


As always, NewsBTC is proud to do its part to support the CoinFest movement, and we hope you’ll participate. . . T’is the season of giving![read more]

CoinFest 2019 – April 1st – 7th

Crypto Gamers:

The Blockchain Gaming Expo will be held in Vancouver and last all day April 6. It will feature booths and presentations from known blockchain gaming industry participants[read more]

CoinFest 2019 & Blockchain Gaming Expo


A warm request to his wife, please don’t distract him from keeping innovating, the crypto gaming industry needs him.[read more]

Happy CoinFest 2018 From NewsBTC


While the mainstream media has been highlighting recent losses, most of CoinFest 2018’s funding came by saving from last year, when Bitcoin was worth less than $1,200.[read more]

Happy CoinFest 2017 From NewsBTC!

Hofje van Wijs


It’s that time of year, again, when cities around the world unite in celebration of cryptocurrency.[read more]

CoinFest 2017 Kicks Off

CoinFest Logo NewsBTC


People and organisations from all over the world are participating in ‘The decentralized convention for decentralized currency.’[read more]

Interview: Adam Rizvi and Andrew Wagner of CoinFest

Bitcoin Chaser CoinFest

Bitcoin Chaser:

Coinfest is one of the largest – if not the largest – gatherings of bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the world.[read more]

Cryptocurrency Festival Extends to Enthusiasts in Nigeria, Sierra Leone

29292834 - studio shot of golden bitcoin virtual currency on laptop. close-up of front side.

IT Web Africa:

A decentralised event aimed at existing Bitcoiners as well as other cryptocurrency enthusiasts is heading to more African countries this year.[read more]

The Crypto Show with BlockPay and CoinFest

Crypto Show Graphic

The Crypto Show:

Let this be a lesson to everyone listening: be like CoinFest; save your Bitcoin.[listen]

CoinFest 2017 Announced for April 3-9

CoinFest Logo NewsBTC


CoinFest will now begin on the first Monday of April each year and last one week, further cementing the tradition of the annual event.[read more]

CoinFest 2016: Uniting the World’s Bitcoiners

CoinFest CT


CoinFest, the world’s first decentralized currency convention, has announced the launch of CoinFest 2016, claiming more than 20 cities already planning to participate.[read more]

CoinFest to Hold Masive Manchester Meet Up

CoinFest IBTimes UK

IBTimes UK:

CoinFest, the decentralised cryptocurrency events organisation, is holding the largest out of 20 or so global meet-ups in Manchester on the 8th and 9th of April. . .[read more]

CoinFest to Hit Over 30 Cities Worldwide

CoinFest 30 Cities


Last year, CoinFest hit a record of sixteen cities worldwide . . . Now, over 30 cities are planning to host simultaneous events come April 5-10, making it potentially the biggest crypto event ever planned.[read more]

CoinFest Democratizes Global Wallet

CoinFest Multisig


The system—sponsored by—allows up to 15 signatories. The founder selected a trusted group of organizers from countries around the globe,[read more]

CoinFest Africa Gathers Crypto Activists

CoinFest Africa CT


A successful Coinfest event took place on March 20 in Kumasi, Ghana attracting crypto enthusiasts from all over the world.[read more]

Botswana Gets First Bitcoin ATM at CoinFest Africa

CoinFest Africa Bitcoin ATM


Botswana’s first Bitcoin ATM, a Skyhook model, has landed in the country.[read more]

CoinFest: the Decentralized Bitcoin Conference – or Holiday

CoinFest Inside Bitcoins

Inside Bitcoins:

“I found people who were like, ‘I love this, I want to help.’ Some of them were drunk.”[read more]

CoinFest Connects Bitcoin Community in Vancouver to the World 

coinfest tattoo photo

Georgia Straight:

Bitcoin advocate Andrew Wagner insists he isn’t in charge of CoinFest, the decentralized cryptocurrency convention he founded in 2013.[read more]

CoinFest Cryptocurrency Convention Goes Global

CoinFest 2015 Map 15


The scope of CoinFest 2015 has become truly astronomical, touching five continents. If only 50 people gather in each city, there will be over 1000 participants worldwide.[read more]

 Russia to play host to CoinFest, first Bitcoin Festival in Country

CoinFest Russia News

The Merkle:

Many speculators believe the Bitcoin is the perfect currency to replace the Ruble, but the first ever Bitcoin festival in Russia will act as the first step toward mass Bitcoin adoption through out the country.[read more]

Vancouver’s CoinFest Bitcoin Convention Goes Global for 2015

Dogecoin ATM

Georgia Straight:

What began as a small gathering of dozens of Bitcoin enthusiasts in Vancouver in 2013 looks set to grow into an international event touching at least four continents next year.” [read more]

CoinFest 2015: Journey Around the World

CoinFest CoinTelegraph Illustration


CoinFest didn’t have a lot of finances, real institutional backing, or any legal recognition when it started. It had a structure rooted in the decentralization movement, designed purely to change society for the better.” [read more]

A Decentralized Decentralized Currency Party?

CoinFest CoinFront


CoinFest started as a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts who met at a Vancouver coffee house to educate Vancouver residents about the benefits of cryptocurrencies. It was so successful that they decided to . . .” [read more]

The Spirit of CoinFest

CoinFest Logo NewsBTC

Bitcoin Magazine:

When I first started organizing CoinFest, I never imagined what it would become. It used to be just a simple gathering . . .” [read more]

CoinFest: the World’s First Decentralized Currency Convention

spelunkin image

Vancouver is a place of many firsts for bitcoin. It’s home to the first coffee shop (Waves Coffee House) and Indian restaurant (Indian Gate Restaurant) to accept . . .[read more]

DIY Dogecoin ATM Demos at CoinFest Vancouver

Cool Shibe


The world’s first dogecoin ATM has been launched in Vancouver, and it looks about as serious as the dogecoin logo.” [read more]

CoinFest 2014 to Celebrate Bitcoin in Vancouver

CoinFest Georgia Straight

Georgia Straight:

Are you curious about Bitcoin? Or do you already have a digital wallet full of the cryptocurrency?[read more]

CoinFest Coming to Vancouver in February

CoinFest VanCity Buzz

Vancity Buzz:

CoinFest, Vancouver’s first-ever Bitcoin festival, will be coming to Waves Coffee (900 Howe St, at Smithe St), on Saturday, February 15 from 9 a.m. to noon.” [read more]