Start your own CoinFest Chapter

CoinFest always needs more organizers to open up new locations at different cities as we go about on our journey to spread across the globe. While Coinfest chapter organizers are expected to adhere to the Spirit of CoinFest and not profit from your chapter event, you will make meaningful connections and add to your credentials that will help you on your crypto journey and future projects. This presents a great opportunity to prove your ability to manage an important project, all while making a difference and earning the thanks of your fellow enthusiasts. Some of our past chapter managers found jobs at crypto companies and gained a lot of experiences in different areas from graphic design to event hosting and communications. Chapter organizers get recognition to their website on’s community page.

Want to start a Coinfest chapter in your city?

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Lend a hand

If you want to help out, but don’t have the time to take on an organizer role, feel free to volunteer as little or much time as you can! Based on the community models like TEDx, unconference, Car Free Day & Startup Weekend, Coinfest is run by community volunteers who believe in making crypto education free and accessible to all. We pride ourselves in removing all financial barriers for anyone to get into crypto and thus every pair of hands, vehicle or lent piece of equipment helps. You can run an educational booth to teach the beginners in attendance, or assist with set-up or clean-up. None of our volunteers are paid but all have make lots of new friends, get the chance to meet important people in the cryptocurrency community and learn about exciting upcoming projects. We might also need help with content design, community outreach, graphic design, translations and other small projects.

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Become a sponsor

Coinfest is a great place for crypto companies to showcase their product/services to the greater crypto community. e welcome crypto companies to sponsor a regional chapter or participate as a global sponsor for recognition at multiple chapters. From physical booths to website mentions and presenting at a sponsored presentation, we have helped many growing crypto companies get the introduction they deserve with the crypto community.

We have worked with many advertisers in the past from onramps to exchanges and wallet developers, sponsorship with Coinfest ensures you get your brand out to the crypto community. Sponsorship with one of the regional CoinFests will get you physical advertising or a booth while sponsorship with will get you noticed on our main website. Supporting CoinFest proves to the community your dedication to advancing the cause, while helping build a more profitable environment for your enterprise. We convert new users to Bitcoin at every CoinFest convention, and you want to get to them first.

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If you don’t have time to help out, but want to support CoinFest anonymously, feel free to donate to the cause! CoinFest operates under a decentralized donation structure: you can give to any individual regional CoinFest, or to the main address here at for redistribution. Unfortunately, since CoinFest operates outside the traditional finance system and is not officially registered as a non-profit, we cannot offer tax receipts.

CoinFest has no intention of mixing funds or otherwise obscuring their use, such that expenditures can be tracked via the blockchain. We value your privacy, however, and will respect your anonymity if desired. Please send all Bitcoin donations to bc1qjl6mm6xcyz0mfwl83rm0fzqz6npax9hh72uy3klfcdqwkgn3zzxqz646fs