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A Global Crypto Gathering

A free to attend, happening ONLINE and IN PERSON in November on the 25th to December 4th 2021

Theme: Going Mainstream

Coinfest has been bringing together HODLers, developers, traders, policy makers, community builders, Defi Farmers, blockchain gamers and more to celebrate and discuss crypto. Exchange ideas and findings in the crypto space and meet like minded participants in the blockchain space. This year, Coinfest week will be happening from November 25 to 30, 2021. Main locations include, CoinFestUk (Nov 25-28) and the two day CoinFest Online virtual conference on Dec 3rd and 4th.

What to expect


The crypto space is constantly expanding, get yourself up to date with the latest happening in the crypto space. Be informed and get ahead of the trend from new sectors to learning advanced techniques to grow your satoshi stack. Our community experts are eager to share their crypto findings and tricks to accelerate your learning in the crypto space.

Meet Fellow Crypto Users

The crypto journey is never meant to be travelled alone. It’s not easy being the only crypo guy/gal at your work place, here’s a chance to meet up with fellow crypto users and know that you’re part of a global movement of people who are working towards building a better future for themselves and society.


Be part of something greater than yourself and contribute to the global movement of making crypto go mainstream. Get involved with CoinFest, meet wonderful people and enhance your understanding in the blockchain and crypto space. We are looking for sponsors and movers & shakers to take Coinfest’s impact to the next level.

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Join crypto users around the globe as we celebrate what it means to be part of a fast growing financial revolution that will disrupt the global monetary system.

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