The world's first decentralized decentralized currency convention returns.

About CoinFest...

CoinFest is the world's first decentralized currency convention! Not the first convention about decentralized currency, but rather the first currency convention to itself be decentralized in concept, organization and form. We book venues all across the globe for a simultaneous extravaganza of cryptocurrency, hosted in a non-profit fashion by various partners. CoinFest is not owned by any person or company, and all domain names and other assets will eventually be turned over to a decentralized autonomous organization.

Anybody can start a CoinFest of their own so long as they uphold the spirit of CoinFest. One may not charge admission for a CoinFest event, as it is intended for public outreach. CoinFest is also intended to incentivize cryptocurrency adoption, and thus one may not host a CoinFest at a venue or business that does not support alternative currency, barring extreme circumstances. All currencies are allowed, but use of state-backed currency (within the state backing said currency) is discouraged, except for the purpose of purchasing alternative currency.

Confirmed Locations for 2015

  • Vancouver city, Canada, the birthplace of CoinFest. It will once again be organized by CoinFest founder Andrew Wagner.
  • Winnipeg, Canada, brought to us by returning organizer Josh Nekrep. Check out his website at
  • Montreal, Canada, home of Canada's Bitcoin Embassy. Now joining us thanks to Francis Pouliot, chief executive of the Canadian chapter of the Bitcoin Foundation.
  • Renaca Beach in Vina Del Mar, Chile. Major thanks to our anarchist friend Gabriel Scheare from Galt's Gulch.
  • Mexico City, Mexico, spearheaded by Bitso cofounder and Bitcoin Co-op member Pablo Gonzalez.

Donate to CoinFest

CoinFest is entirely funded by donations and sponsorships, and charges no fees to event venues or guests. If you like what we're doing to spread currency innovation and freedom, you can support the movement by donating to one of the following addresses, or by using CoinOS!

Bitcoin address: 13SH6sEaETA5Ca7Gb5kb1Yv5SjqxauvKdm

Litecoin address: LNUh9955nADhfT43WL8YsuwwJ6uR9nEjto

Feathercoin address: 6sifxgAmyoBhXQCrRYpZko1tz4J3hRVSE5

Dogecoin address: DNAeVUATMqjFrNKom719QxdfisKsKTrqnf


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