One of the most amazing aspects of Bitcoin is its pseudoanonymity. While many choose to focus on the anonymity that can provide and the resulting criminal activity, organizations that reveal all of their public keys can be made fully auditable by the public, and unable to get away with improperly using or reporting funds. CoinFest will always base its accounting in a cryptocurrency lacking enhanced privacy features (such as Bitcoin), and will never use “mixers” or similar services. Whenever possible, the source or destination of all transactions and the reasons for them will be recorded.

As part of the path towards full decentralization, keeps its bitcoins in a multisignature address, which means that no one person can wield total financial control. There are currently 6 signatories from around the world, 3 of whom are required to issue funds to come as close to consensus as practical. Future signatures will be given to those deemed to have the best interest of decentralization and CoinFest in mind, and the process will eventually be decentralized and automated with the DAO.

Donations made via some services are not always detectable as such; in that case—or if the donor prefers not to take credit—the donor will be listed as anonymous. If you’d like to take credit for your generosity, please let us know who you are and what made you decide to contribute. Any bitcoins left over after expenses will be redistributed to CoinFest organizers around the world for charitable use during CoinFest in their regions. All donations should be sent to 3MAEkxE3fJzkwz3sfPaoH8xxTrmdSvjF6k.

NOTICE: due to the closure of CoinKite’s online wallet, all funds are now held in an emergency Copay wallet, which currently generates a new HD address for each transaction. Unless and until BitPay makes this feature optional or we find an alternative solution, CoinFest funding cannot be confined to a single address for accounting purposes, and all change addresses will be listed below this note:


Total balance: 1.613098 BTC

Transaction ID




Transferring funds from old to new wallet

Tim Tayshun ->

Leftovers from CoinFest Orange County and the Wheel of Bitcoin

Tim Tayshun <-

Grant funding for the Wheel of Bitcoin and CoinFest Orange County 2017

CoinFest Vancouver <-

Grant funding for CoinFest Vancouver 2017

Andrew Wagner <-

Refunding expenses covered due to CoinKite shutdown


CoinKite closed; funding moved to emergency Copay wallet

Sponsorship funding

Anari Sengbe <-

Funding for Grabbit prizes


Wallet upgraded to 10-of-15 multisignature address with new signatories

CoinFest ->

Fixed transparency system, returned anonymized donations to primary address

Keirnan Wright <-

Funding required to ship donated Skyhook BTM from Taurus to Botswana

Anthony Tsui ->

Our generous friend loves CoinFest


Wallet upgraded to 4-of-5 multisignature address

Andrew Wagner & Bitcoin Co-op ->

Fixed accounting and upgraded wallet system, replenished BTC lost due to change addresses

Andrew Wagner & Bitcoin Co-op <-

Failed attempt by Andrew to donate to CoinFest

Andrew Wagner ->

repayment for XBT Jackpot credits lost to gambling