Coming November 13 – 19, 2020…


What’s going on?

For the first time in history, we’re going to have CoinFest not during the usual time in April. We’re going to have a CoinFest… in November. Think of it kind of like Christmas in July.

This was made necessary by the coronavirus pandemic, which caused countries around the world to enforce rules against social gatherings. All physical events in April were subsequently canceled, but deposits had already been paid on several venues. On those grounds, the community decided to temporarily break tradition, which shall henceforth be tolerated in the event of a global catastrophe.

With the “second wave” now coming on, however, we find many people are again still afraid to go out. Therefore, we have decided to focus mostly on online events, but physical gatherings may still be found in safer parts of the world. See all of the activities below!


Planned Events

CoinFest Botswana
November 14, 8 – 10 AM UTC

CoinFest in Botswana will once again be organized by the Botswana Bitcoin Lady and hosted at Satoshi Centre. View the below flyer for details.

CoinFest in Decentraland
November 14, 8 – 11:45 PM UTC

In partnership with, we’re hosting events in Decentraland, a decentralized online virtual world. These will include a conference focused on NFTs, a tower full of games serving as our “break room”, and a dance party at the end.

To learn more details, see the EventChain post, where you must RSVP to be eligible for free EventChain tokens. Decentraland fans typically also RSVP on the calendar post on the Decentraland website. We hope to see you online!


DeFi Webinar
November 18, 3 – 6 AM UTC

DeFi—AKA “decentralized finance”—has been the hottest topic in the blockchain industry this year, enabling things like automated loans and interest-bearing accounts. Learn all about it at this webinar organized by Ed Yuen.