Coming April 2-8, 2018…



CoinFest has been running successfully for five years, now, and is held annually on the first full week of April. This will be the third consecutive CoinFest in that tradition, and we fully expect it to be the biggest one yet thanks to rising Bitcoin prices and some new partners.

Planning is now in the final stages, with most events confirmed. As usual, the primary attraction will be the International Hangout, which unites simultaneous events with distributed presentations related to cryptocurrency. The Lightning Network will also be featured prominently, with many exciting surprises in store.

CoinFest Global funds will be redistributed to qualifying event organizers. If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please reach out at!

International Hangout

The CoinFest experience is cheaper than traditional conferences largely because its nature saves on travel and logistical costs. In order to make a decentralized convention out of a bunch of events around the world, however, it’s not enough just to run them at the same time using the same name. Conferences help people bond around a common passion by allowing those with complementary skills and resources from around the world to interact.

CoinFest is constantly looking for ways to help attendees at different events interact, so the International Hangout was designed to create a distributed audience. Projectors and webcams are set up at simultaneous events worldwide, and all our joined via video chat with some of the most exciting speakers in the cryptocurrency industry. Participating cities include Vancouver, Manchester and Arnhem; the line-up is below.


April 5, 5-9 PM UTC

The primary International Hangout on April 5 and 6 will again be hosted by Alex Sterk of BlockTalk fame, CoinFest’s oldest broadcasting partner. Keep checking his YouTube channel for the live view links so you can tune in and ask questions from anywhere in the world.

  • CoinFest founder Andrew Wagner will give the yearly CoinFest Announcements
  • Blockchain Gaming panel with CoinDroids, SaruTobi, Age of Rust, Spells of Genesis and Beyond the Void
  • Digital security discussion with Andrew Wagner, Mike Olthoff and a Quantstamp representative about some high-profile incidents


April 6, 7-9 PM UTC

  • Artificial intelligence on the blockchain with Ali Raheman from Autonio, Kevin Humphrey from Goldenstrike and Kyle Anderson from Neureal


April 9, 1-3 AM UTC

The final broadcast for CoinFest will again be conducted by the Crypto Show, a world-renowned FM radio show about cryptocurrency that airs in Austin, Texas twice a week. They’ve interviewed all of the most famous people in the cryptocurrency industry, and are gracious enough to include us as part of their money non-profit endeavors. Stay tuned for content announcements!

Merchant Adoption 2.0

Years ago, CoinFest began with a specific purpose: to spread Bitcoin adoption among merchants and consumers. Good times were had by all (except the Federal Reserve) as we celebrated with free events at Bitcoin-accepting venues around the city and world—often simultaneously—in keeping with decentralized and open source principles.

Interest in spreading merchant adoption waned as transaction fees and confirmation times rose. Now, however, Bitcoin has been reinvigorated by institutional adoption of SegWit and the advent of the Lightning Network, a protocol layered on top of Bitcoin’s and other blockchains. It allows for instant transactions that are not only vastly cheaper, but can be conducted across blockchains to link them together!

Therefore, in a new twist on an old tradition, we’re going back to several of our favorite Bitcoin-accepting merchants to set up the Lightning Network using the demo of the upgraded CoinOS POS system. The system will be very beta and require downloading the CoinOS mobile app, but standard network fees are now pretty low, regardless, for those who want to do it the old-fashioned way.

If you have (or are) a merchant who wants to get hooked up to the Lightning Network for free, please reach out; CoinOS was developed by Adam Soltys as an open source program to support the Bitcoin community. Merchants participating so far are below.


Participating Events

Abuja, Nigeria
April 5

Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa, but this is only their second time hosting CoinFest. Organizer Babarinde Kayode has been working hard year-round, however, and is very active on Twitter where he’s posted some of the news articles already out about CoinFest Nigeria 2018. They’ll be flying in some excellent speakers, the keynote being Dr. Andrew S. Nevin, a high-level economic adviser and frequent TV commentator in West Africa.



Amsterdam, the Netherlands
April 4

Amsterdam has always been a hotspot of both Bitcoin and CoinFest, with more than one event organizer on the scene. Bitcoinference frequently hosts events at a local Bitcoin-accepting coffee shop, and Bitcoin Wednesday is going all out this year. Their dinner with live music and a Bitcoin bar will be free to attend this month, and guests also have the option to reserve seats for a Crypto Canal Cruise and a conference with speakers from a wide variety of blockchain companies.



Arnhem, the Netherlands
April 5

What if you could turn your city into a Bitcoin City? The Bitcoin enthusiasts of Arnhem did exactly that, and now it’s one of the most Bitcoin-friendly cities in the whole world. They call it Arnhem Bitcoinstad, and they’re encouraging others to join them, both in their campaign to convert the world to Bitcoin as well as at their Meetup on April 5th. It will be a standard meet and greet with a monitor tuned into the International Hangout for those who want to watch.



Freetown, Sierra Leone
April 7

Already one of the poorest regions in the world, Sierra Leone was hit hard by the Ebola virus outbreak. Mustapha Cole of the Sierra Leone Liberty Group has been working to bring prosperity through entrepreneurship and free market principles. Their CoinFest 2018 event will be held at the prominent Sensi Tech Hub and beam in cryptocurrency experts from around the world to educate the local startup community.



Gaborone, Botswana
April 7

Gaborone is the home of Satoshi Centre, a blockchain start-up incubator founded by Alakanani Itireleng. Also known as the Botswana Bitcoin Lady, she has worked tirelessly for years to spread cryptocurrency across Africa in an effort to bring economic development via new business opportunities. The main focus of her event this year will be a blockchain start-up competition with $500 worth of Bitcoin going to the winner.


Irvine, United States
April 7

Long-time CoinFest organizer Tim Tayshun is bringing CoinFest to Irvine, California, home to many prominent tech companies. His company Blockchain BTM will show off one of their Bitcoin ATMs and sponsor a variety of other activities. These include the return of the Wheel of Bitcoin as well as a “speed dating” event to match developers with investors. Free food and entertainment provided!



Manchester, England
April 5-7

The CoinFest UK event in Manchester has grown to be the largest annual CoinFest event in the world thanks to the hard work and dedication of Adam Rizvi, founder of CryptoBatesGroup with a variety of projects. They routinely have hundreds of attendees, and this year they have well over 600 people RSVP’d.

To accommodate a convention of this size, they will be meeting at the Manchester Conference Centre. There they will have three days of activities, including presentations and panels, the International Hangout, crypto musicians and art gallery, booths of all kinds, and a raffle and “ticket hodler” with prizes. There will also be a variety of workshops for crypto aficionados and newbies alike, so be sure not to miss out and remember to RSVP!


Valdivia, Chile
April 7

Fort Galt is a community in Chile designed for entrepreneurs to work without restriction, where they are establishing Cryptacademy to educate them about cryptocurrency. Construction is still not complete, so they are going to have their CoinFest at a hotel in the city, instead. Bitcoin stickers will be given to participants to post around the city for cryptocurrency prizes, and the event itself will consist of a panel discussion among some distinguished guests followed by a networking afterparty. Interviews will be conducted and all will be livestreamed!


Vancouver city, Canada
April 5-7

Vancouver was an early pioneering ground for Bitcoin enthusiasts, housing many of the first merchants in the world to accept Bitcoin as well as the first ATM. This year, they will be breaking new ground again by spearheading merchant adoption of the Lightning Network using the Bitcoin Co-op‘s CoinOS app.

They will visit a variety of event venues converted to the system, including a dance studio, a German restaurant, the first Indian restaurant in the world to accept Bitcoin, and the cafe housing the world’s first Bitcoin ATM. They’ll also have free beer from a Bitcoin-accepting brewery, and a food truck will come to events at the offices of CoinPayments and RightMesh where presentations, panels and booths will be set up. DCTRL will host the International Hangout.

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