Coming April 3-9, 2017…


CoinFest 2017 Map 7


CoinFest 2015 was a stunning success, taking Canada’s crypto holiday to cities around the world, and CoinFest 2016 introduced a variety of global activities to unite them in decentralized celebration. 2017 will feature even more participating cities and decentralized programs, and be the year CoinFest breaks new ground on rapidly-emerging decentralized platforms for smart contracts, smart property, and DAO technology.

The events will commence April 3—two days before the rumored birthday of Satoshi Nakamoto—and conclude with the end of the weekend on Sunday, April 9. The International Hangout will once again feature prominently, as will the Decentralized Arcade and other giveaways. New attractions are in the works… stay tuned!


International Hangouts

The International Hangout unites CoinFest events around the world with joint presentations. Speakers connect virtually to audiences watching simultaneously on projector screens, who can ask questions and interact. Hosted and moderated in partnership with the blockchain industry’s most well-known shows, participation links will be given to CoinFest event organizers and viewing links to the general public.


April 7, 5-9 PM GMT

Blocktalk, an online talk show about blockchain technology, hosted the first successful International Hangout in 2016. Now they’re back again to host 2017’s most anticipated Hangout session between Vancouver and Manchester… stay tuned for the broadcast link!

5:00 PM GMT – Susanne Tempelhoff – BitNation

Susanne will give a brief rundown on BitNation, the virtual nation platform, and fill us in on the latest developments

5:45 PM GMT – Joachim de Koning – the Internet of Coins

Joachim will talk about the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem and their plan to bring it all together

6:15 PM GMT – Alex Alexandrov – Cryptocurrency Payment Systems

Alex from CoinPayments will talk about their cryptocurrency payment platform and how the industry has evolved

6:45 PM GMT – Drew Glover – Bitcoin ATMs

Drew Glover is the cofounder of BitNational, which owns Canada’s largest network of Bitcoin ATMs. He will provide some market insights

7:15 PM GMT – Blockchain Gaming Panel

A decentralized talk with various players in the blockchain gaming space, including Huntercoin, Beyond the Void, GamerholicCoin, MandelDuck and GameCredits

8:45 PM GMT – John Nash – Reddcoin

The lead developer of Reddcoin will update us on their effort to integrate cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with all social media platforms


New Africa Radio
April 8, 2-3 AM GMT

New Africa Radio is another project by Tim Tayshun, the inventor of the Wheel of Bitcoin and organizer of CoinFest Orange County. He’s well known in the African Bitcoin scene, which he hopes to unite with New Africa Radio while spreading their message to a wider audience.

CoinFest Vancouver will carry on from the previous Hangout earlier that day (Pacific Time), linking with Orange County for a joint discussion on how Bitcoin is changing Africa for the better.


The Crypto Show
April 10, 1-3 AM GMT

CoinFest is proud to add the Crypto Show to its list of radio/podcast partners this year. In addition to their many crypto fans online, they broadcast live on the radio in Austin, Texas to an estimated 20,000 listeners.

Their Sunday evening broadcast is right at the end of CoinFest, so we’re going to use it as our closing ceremony. All CoinFest event organizers are invited to join us and talk about their projects and how things went this year, and all CoinFest fans are encouraged to watch.

Other Activities

Decentralized Arcade

Decentralized video games are on the rise, merging the worlds of gaming and fintech with built-in cryptocurrency, items registered on the blockchain, and even fully-decentralized virtual worlds. Several are already playable or will be in time for CoinFest, and tutorials will be given to any CoinFest event organizers or volunteers who want to help set people up. Games include:

  • Spells of Genesis, an arcade/trading card game hybrid with cards registered on the Bitcoin blockchain via Counterparty. A demo of the mobile app is available in select countries, and is expected to be available worldwide by April 6.
  • SaruTobi, a simple 1-player mobile game (also Counterparty-enabled) where you swing a monkey from a vine to collect tokens. Players win mBTC every month, and many are already excited for the recently-announced sequal.
  • Along with SaruTobi, the Bitcoin VR Block Explorer is another product of MandelDuck. Why use a boring GUI when you can really dive into the blockchain? It got approved on Steam just in time for CoinFest.
  • Battlecoin, a multiplayer game where players compete for Bitcoin. CoinFest has its own special server set up at Manchester, but it might not work if you live too far away.


Wheel of Bitcoin

The Wheel of Bitcoin was created by Tim Tayshun, the founder of New Africa Radio. Beamed to projectors at CoinFest events around the world, he spins the wheel for a lucky player, who receives whatever crypto prize it lands on.


Local Events

Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 4


The first CoinFest event of the year will again occur in Amsterdam, the capital city of one of the most Bitcoin-friendly countries in the world. Organized by the Bitcoinference team, the chosen venue will be Hofje van Wijs, which is famous for coffee, tea, and their love of Bitcoin.


Austin, United States
April 4


Texas has always had a healthy libertarian streak, and Austin is its tech center. That makes it a breeding ground for Bitcoin, with a weekly Meetup organized by Factom’s Chief Architect Paul Snow. He was on the International Hangout in 2016, and will be celebrating CoinFest this year at their gathering.


Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 5


CoinFest began a new tradition in 2016: every year it coincides with Bitcoin Wednesdsay in Amsterdam, and every year they participate with a CoinFest-themed event.

2017 will be no different. Funded by voluntary donations from their fans in addition to a grant from CoinFest Global, tickets will be free to anyone who asks. Just make sure to RSVP in advance.

The event will feature brilliant speakers including Jeff Garzik. If you’re unable to attend in person, you will still be able to watch the livestream online.


Tamale, Ghana
April 6


CoinFest returns to Ghana for the third year in a row! It will once again be organized by Afrikanus Kofi Akosah Adusei, now the head of the Africa Blockchain University, in cooperation with the Centre for Liberty and Entrepreneurship.

Held at the Tamale Cultural Center, it will be divided into 3 segments: first a Bitcoin 101 with wallet set-up, then an altcoins presentation, then comes the Wheel of Bitcoin! Don’t miss out on the free food and drinks afterwards.


Manchester, United Kingdom
April 6


Because one massive 2-day event was not enough, now Manchester has a pre-party the day before! It will be organized by the team behind Superior Coin, a new cryptocurrency, which they will give away along with some food and drinks.


Valdivia, Chile
April 6


Construction of Fort Galt is, unfortunately, still incomplete (although progress has been made). However, that won’t stop them from hosting a CoinFest gathering in the nearby town of Valdivia, which they’ve been working hard to convert to Bitcoin. Head to Klandestinov Bar if you’re in the area!


Lagos, Nigeria
April 7


Africa Youth Peace Call has been increasingly active in Nigeria thanks to the efforts of Babarinde Kayode, who cooperates closely with the organizer of CoinFest Ghana. Now he is following in their footsteps by becoming the first to host CoinFest in Nigeria, as well!

There, too, CoinFest will feature remote speakers, food and drinks, and a chance to spin the Wheel of Bitcoin. Seating is unfortunately limited, so make sure to RSVP ahead of time.

Orange County, United States
April 7


Organizer of CoinFest Orange County is one of the many hats Tim Tayshun. In addition to the Wheel of Bitcoin and New Africa Radio, he’s the Chief Marketing Officer at BlockchainBTM, which has 4 Bitcoin ATMs across California.

That gives him even more reason to spread Bitcoin adoption, which he plans to do at CoinFest Orange County with a 101 session and Bitcoin giveaways. They’ll also be participating in the International Hangout with Vancouver, and free food and drinks will be provided.


Gaborone, Botswana
April 8


The Botswana Bitcoin Lady was one of the first to host a CoinFest event in Africa, but took a hiatus to work on Satoshi Centre, a Bitcoin and blockchain tech incubator. Construction was completed just in time for CoinFest 2017, and so Botswana will have CoinFest once again!

There will be food, light beverages, T-shirts, and of course Bitcoin giveaways for the developers and students in attendance. They will also hold lively Bitcoin discussion to help inspire new projects in their growing Bitcoin community.


Arnhem, Netherlands
April 8


Arnhem city is smaller than Amsterdam to the northwest, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in Bitcoin adoption. Known as the most Bitcoin-friendly city in the world, community organizers have convinced dozens of merchants to accept cryptocurrency, several of whom offer special deals.

Their CoinFest 2017 gathering will be held at Barley’s Biergarten, where attendees can drink to celebrate Arnhem’s newest Bitcoin venue. You can also shop at one of the many places that accept Bitcoin nearby.


Manchester, United Kingdom
April 7-8


2016 was the first year CoinFest entered England, but it proved to be the biggest and most popular event thanks to the dedication of Adam Rizvi of Crypto Bates Group. That will probably be the case, again, and hopefully our biggest event of all time.

Festivities are taking place at the Manchester Conference Centre, which has made a special arrangement for CoinFest. They will also join the International Hangout on Friday, as well as hosting many speaker presentations of their own.

Like last year, there will be another raffle, in addition to some new highlighted activities. These include physical bitcoins from PhysiBit on display and a live set up of the Beyond the Void blockchain game, as well as workshops and Bitcoin and mining education sessions.


Vancouver, Canada
April 7-8


Vancouver is the birthplace of CoinFest, and a pioneering city in Bitcoin adoption among merchants. Like in CoinFest 2016, it will serve as a center of global operations, but will also host some exciting local activities, as well.

CoinFest Vancouver will start at DCTRL on Friday morning in order to join the International Hangout, and will ink with Orange County, California later in the evening. There will also be cool demonstrations such as Bitcoin/blockchain games, miners, and a virtual reality block explorer.

On Saturday, we’ll go to a more mainstream tech incubator called the Tribe, which recently began accepting Bitcoin. There we’ll show them how crowdfunding is done the cryptocurrency way, then head back to DCTRL for further indoctrination.


Freetown, Sierra Leone
April 9


Sierra Leone is a ravaged nation, with many setbacks including the Ebola virus having prevented CoinFest from reaching it until now. Thanks to the Sierra Leone Liberty Group, however, it has finally arrived.

It will take place at Sensi Lab, an excellent tech hub by any international standards. Utilizing their high-speed Internet, the focus will be on remote speakers via Hangouts, who will consist of successful entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry.